Monday, May 24, 2010

Divertimento No. 15

Megan Fairchild and Jonathan Stafford
Sterling Hyltin and Jason Fowler

Divertimento No. 15 is a 1956 ballet choreographed by George Balanchine for NYCB. I really want to see the whole thing! I've only seen the Andante and one of the variations. And I don't even know which variation it is!
Tiler Peck and Amar Ramasar
New York City Ballet


Recent NYTimes Review

On the Webcast from Feb. 2, 2004, there is a video of Kaitlyn Gilliland performing a variation from Divert #15. I love this variation!!!!

In this wonderful video of Megan Fairchild talking about pointe shoes, there are excerpts from Divert #15.

And here is a video of someone I found on Youtube performing the previous variation.
Yvonne Borree backstage in costume for Divert #15