Thursday, June 6, 2013

Outside of Pandora's Box

There is something very unsettling about listening to the calming piano melodies of Erik Satie and the like on Pandora while reading an engrossing book only to hear a sudden, stark advertisement for Taco Bell. Off-putting.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Partial Reinvention

   I haven't written much in a while (I feel like every blogger has started a post like that, at some point in their blogging career). Things have changed. I now done with my freshmen year of college. There were many good times throughout the year. Enough of that. I originally created this blog in order to write about a great love of mine: ballet. That is what I started with, but now, I would like to spread my blog's horizons. I can do that because it's my blog.
   I will start writing about ballet again, but also start writing about music, movies, restaurants, trips, school, and whatever else I desire (see first paragraph, last sentence). Another big thing that will somewhat dominate my upcoming posts will be about becoming vegan. I watched a documentary about   a vegan lady who convinces 3 people to try it for 6 weeks. I decided to do it for 8 weeks, but the more I read and learn about being vegan, the more I feel that it will be long-term. I'm currently in week 4. Feeling pretty good.
    Sometimes, I find something cool online and want to post it on Facebook, but I remember that I don't like posting stuff on Facebook a lot. So, why not make my own place where I can post and rant whenever I want to and not have to worry about "friends" writing ambiguous statuses about how they hate when people abuse the ability to post on Facebook. Losers. I didn't know I had a tumblr. Turns out  I do. I will probably be posting stuff between here and there.
   As Tobias F√ľnke would say, here's to a new start. I'm glad to be taking advantage of this blog and using it for the things I enjoy.

Take care,
Juliane M.