Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Partial Reinvention

   I haven't written much in a while (I feel like every blogger has started a post like that, at some point in their blogging career). Things have changed. I now done with my freshmen year of college. There were many good times throughout the year. Enough of that. I originally created this blog in order to write about a great love of mine: ballet. That is what I started with, but now, I would like to spread my blog's horizons. I can do that because it's my blog.
   I will start writing about ballet again, but also start writing about music, movies, restaurants, trips, school, and whatever else I desire (see first paragraph, last sentence). Another big thing that will somewhat dominate my upcoming posts will be about becoming vegan. I watched a documentary about   a vegan lady who convinces 3 people to try it for 6 weeks. I decided to do it for 8 weeks, but the more I read and learn about being vegan, the more I feel that it will be long-term. I'm currently in week 4. Feeling pretty good.
    Sometimes, I find something cool online and want to post it on Facebook, but I remember that I don't like posting stuff on Facebook a lot. So, why not make my own place where I can post and rant whenever I want to and not have to worry about "friends" writing ambiguous statuses about how they hate when people abuse the ability to post on Facebook. Losers. I didn't know I had a tumblr. Turns out  I do. I will probably be posting stuff between here and there.
   As Tobias Fünke would say, here's to a new start. I'm glad to be taking advantage of this blog and using it for the things I enjoy.

Take care,
Juliane M.

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